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YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR...If you want the cheapest wheels you can find, then our wheels are not for you. Our Wheels are custom designed, manufactured and finished for only the very best three sports cars on the planet. PORSCHE, FERRARI AND LAMBORGHINI...we do not make wheels for any other vehicle.

Our products are only for the very few ultra exclusive individuals who want only the very best for their Sports Car. We, at Wicked Motor Works, are known in the Porsche Industry for Pioneering the Wicked-7 Mega Steel Wide Body Exotic Custom Porsches that have adorned the covers of only the very best Exotic Car Magazines like The Dupont Registry, Makes & Models, Luxury Auto just to name a few.

Our Mega Wide Body Porsches have the widest rear outer lip of any vehicle on the market today. The rear Wheels on our Wicked-7 Mega Wide Body Porsches are a Massive 7-Inch Outer Lip. With all of the fly by night wheels labels coming and going each month, with wheels designs more gotti then the next and so cheaply made that they bend beyond repair as soon as you hit a pothole.

We made the decision to manufacture our own Wicked Forged Wheels. So we set out to design tasteful styles of wheels that will actually add to the beauty of your vehicle and enhance the look as opposed to standing out like a sore thumb spinning, or flashing or incrusted with ridicules fake diamonds.

We wanted the best Design, Quality, Function, & Finish. Thus, after we finalized our designs, we moved to the quality. You see, most wheel labels buy very cheap wheels made in the Far East or even here. They are made to look good and be cheap, so where so they cut? Quality of metals. So you only pay a few thousand for the wheels that look okay and are sold very cheap, but as soon as you hit one dip or pot hole, you cheaply made wheel bends and will not hold air any longer. You get what you pay for and if you cut corners you will pay more in the short run.

Wicked Forged Wheels uses only the best quality metals and fibers to achieve the highest quality of strength, at the lightest possible weight for Functionality. Finally, the Finish...The wheels finishes are like trends and fads that go and come. In the 80's there was Chrome, in the 90's there was all black and now the trends are color matched wheels.

We can do any color, texture or finish you desire. We are famous for our CARBON FIBER finishes. Most wheels labels produce a mat faint carbon fiber look. Our Carbon Fiber Wheels are the best quality and appearance Carbon Fiber Look on the Wheels Market today. They Scream Exotic. However, we can build any finish you desire. Single Color, Bi-Color, Multi-Color, Colored Rings to contrast the wheel color, Chrome, Polished and Black. Your imagination is the only limit. Our Wheels are offered in 19" and 20" for Porsche, Ferrari and Lamborghini only. They are a 3-piece Custom Built Wheel for any Custom Size and Lip.

Our Wheels come with our Wicked-7 Center Caps, and any color hardware. If you Drive the Best, then Install only the Best...Wicked Forged Wheels.

Please allow 3-6 weeks for delivery as we build each wheel custom to your vehicle and custom finishes take longer then just Chrome, Polish or one solid color.

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