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Upgrade Porsche 996 Turbo side Intake Scoop to New Gen 997 Turbo Intake Kit
manufacturer:Wicked Motor Works

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We at Wicked Motor Works Auto Design Center are always working on new and innovative ideas to Improve and enhance the Look and Style of your Porsche.

We already have a 996 to 997 Look Front end Steel Conversion Kit, so now we decided to move to the Side and Rear of the vehicle to complete the entire 997 update look, without requiring the change of the quarter panels which would be costly.

So we set out to update the 996 Turbo Side Quarter Panel Intakes Scoops to the 997 Turbo Side Quarter Panel Intake Scoop Look.

Thus the Wicked Motor Works professional technicians that have graduated from Auto Design Schools set out to complete this task.

We found the contours and shape of the 996 Turbo Quarter panels are very different from the contours and shapes of the 997 Turbo, thus not only will the 997 Turbo Intake not fit a 996 Turbo because it is much bigger, but it will also not fit because the contour and shape are very different.

Thus we have devised a 996 Turbo to 997 Turbo Intake Conversion kit that takes care of all of those issues through long ours of custom fabrication, trials and errors. And the result is exactly what we were after, for the conversion not to look like it was cut out and glued in, but for the entire look, the contours, the shape, the beading, the step around the intake to resemble the 997 Turbo Look.

Here is what the kit includes:

1. A step by step instruction guide outlining the steps for the conversion, the tools and materials to use.

2. One pair of cut out stencils to place over the 996 Turbo Quarter intake opening and do the cutting

3. One pair of the custom designed and custom made, inner mounting brackets with the epoxy required to mount it to the vehicle.

4. One pair of custom designed and custom built 997 Turbo look Intakes that are made to have the look and size of the 997 Turbo Intakes but that are fabricated to fit the shape and contours of the 996 Turbo Quarter Panel.

5. And the filler epoxy to mount the intakes to the quarter panel.

* Now it has taken our expert techs a long time in Research and Development, to design and produce this conversion kit. It may look easy, but we assure you it is not, and if you try to do this yourself without our conversion kit, you will only succeed in destroying your quarter panel and will need to replace your quarter panels at a great cost. so do not try to cut corners, buy our kit and you will have the exact look your are looking for.

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