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2012 Porsche 991 Turbo Rear Bumper with New 991 LED Taillights for 997 Turbo & C
manufacturer:Wicked Motor Works

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This 997 to 991 Rear End Face Lift Conversion is Precisely what sets Wicked Motor Works apart from the rest. There is only one Wicked Motor Works Design Center for Porsche, that can Pioneer impossible conversions with such perfection. We use all of our own Porsches in our Photos, not photos taken from google like our competitors.
We created the first 996 to 997 Steel Conversions 7 years ago and now we are the first to create the 997 to 991 Steel conversion with the New Stunning 991 LED Taillights. What everyone has been waiting for. It is finally here and We are the ones who did it again.
If you study the 997 in comparison to the 991, you will realize that literally every inch is a completely different animal. Nothing fits or lines up the same.
Here we created a steel conversion kit to convert any 997 Porsche Carrera or Twin Turbo to the New Generation Rear 991 Bumper and 991 LED Taillights.
The conversion will come with the following parts:
1. Our Customized Porsche 991 Rear Bumper Cover
2. Our Custom Steel 997 to 991 Conversion Brackets
3. A Pair of OEM Porsche 991 LED Taillights
4. A Pair of OEM Porsche 991 Reflector Lights
5. And a OEM Porsche 991 Rear Bumper Diffuser
Place your order today. We also have the front 997 to 991 Facelift conversion in Steel as well as 996 to 991 front end conversion in steel.
Wicked Motor Works, a name that stand for cutting edge design and body upgrades for Porsche

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