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2012-2015 Porsche GT3 Wing Spoiler for 991 Carrera Cabriolet or Convertible cars
manufacturer:Wicked Motor Works

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Wicked Motor Works, is the only brand you need to know & trust, when it comes to all of your Custom Porsche body enhancement needs. Here, we have the Porsche 991 GT3 style Wing Spoiler, custom designed and manufactured to fit all 2012-2015 Porsche 991 Carrera Convertible or Cabriolet cars. The base directly replaces the factory spoiler, simple bolt on replacement. It features the 991 GT3 style Spoiler Wing, with the rear third brake light, under the wing, the base is modeled after the original GT3 base for an accurate appearance. This unit is sure to dramatically increase down force for street or track use. Esthetically, the wing spoiler is unmatched by any other look, giving your Porsche both a personalized and aggressive stance and appearance. We designed this Spoiler Wing to fit the Cabriolet, because the original GT3 Spoiler Wing's trunk, is too large for the Cabriolet, because the front section of the trunk, overlaps the Convertible top rear cover. So we removed the front section of the trunk and recessed the wing back, so that there is no interference with the cabriolet top cover, the result is stunning. Order yours today

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