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2001 Porsche Twin Turbo updated to 2008 GT2 Look (Silver)
exterior color:Actic Silver
interior color:Gray
number of cylinders:Six
body type:Coupe

((( New Generation 2008 Porsche Twin Turbo GT2 Body Style !!! )))

Ladies and Gentlemen, Wicked Motor Works presents another addition to it's line up of only the most amazing Custom Porsches on the market today. Here we have the New Generation $250K 2008 Porsche GT2 Twin Turbo Look Built on a 2001 Porsche Twin Turbo Platform. We started out with a Gorgeous low mileage (24K miles), 2001 Porsche Twin Turbo finished in Arctic Silver and we converted this Gem to the look of the new Generation 2008 Porsche GT2 Twin Turbo Look. We began by outfitting our New Generation GT2 Front bumper and fabricated it to accept the 996 Turbo Body Style. We also outfitted the rear Bumper with the New Generation 2008 Porsche GT2 Rear Bumper Style. We modified and fabricated the Exhaust System to Exit from the updated GT2 Style Rear Bumper Exhaust Exits, for a very aggressive look. Then we replaced the Twin Turbo Decklid with our New 2008 GT2 Style Rear Decklid as well as the Newer Generation GT2 Wing. We also added a Carbon Fiber Blade at the rear edge of the Wing for a Beautiful Finish. Once we completed the Gorgeous New Generation GT2 Body Enhancements at a cost of $22K, we needed an equally aggressive and stylish set of Wheels to compliment the Stunning Body Style. For this we outfitted the vehicle with 19" 3-pc Gemballa Racing Wheels with a Matching Arctic Silver Center and Polished deep dish Lip at a cost of $12K. We then Moved into the Interior, because you can't have a Stunning Custom Porsche on the exterior and not have the same feel when you are inside the car. Thus at a cost of $5K, we enhanced the interior with matching Arctic Silver Center Console, Arctic Silver Dash Console, Arctic Silver Door Pockets, Arctic Silver Door Pulls, Arctic Silver Shifter, Arctic Silver AC Bezel, Arctic Silver Heated Seats Bezel, Then we installed a Carbon Fiber Turbo Door Sills, Carbon Fiber Dash Trim, Carbon Fiber Upper Dash Trim and White Gauges. Finally, the power of the car must match the gorgeous looks and feel, so we built you a Powerhouse of an engine, this puppy has a whopping 550-Horse Power to the Flywheel at a cost of over $25K. This is one of the fastest Porsche Turbo's I have driven, and I have driven a lot of them. This Gorgeous Super Exotic Sports Car aggressive yet Elegant Powerhouse is FASTER THEN ANY $250K Sports Car on the Road today. But wait, this is a RARE Tiptronic Twin Turbo so you have the best of both worlds, peel the road off as you rocket over the highway shifting up or down at the touch of a finger or put it in Automatic mode and cruise down the cost with your shifting hand free...if it's a Wife or Girlfriend you have to convince, tell her she can enjoy it as well because after all, it is also and automatic. Featuring a Custom Throaty Sport Exhaust System, EVO performance Programing, Evo Air Box System, Red Silicone Hoses, and much more. I am serious, this car will give you whiplash. Now for the Factory Amenities: This Porsche Turbo is loaded and then some: Power Windows, Power Mirrors, Power Sunroof, Power ABS Brakes, Power Steering, Power Rear Wiper, Stability Control, Dual Full Power Heated front Seats, Rear Fold down Seats, 4-Airbag System, ABS Braking System, Dual AC System, Full Factory AM/FM/Stereo Navigation and CD Changer System, Keyless entry Alarm System. This vehicle has full Gray Leather Interior that looks like its Brand New. The headliner is made of gorgeous Suede. This Porsche Turbo is an excellence buy. It has the New Generation Updated GT2 Body Styling, It has the Full Customized interior look and feel, it has a ton of Horse Power to launch you into ecstasy, it is heavily Factory Loaded with options, it has only 24K original miles and the price is not even a third of what it would cost you to build an identical Porsche because it has a salvage title due to the front bottom pan being replaced in the past with a new pan due to the bottom pan being damaged on a curb. The pan was replaced with a new pan and the car is in excellent shape. Do not lose your chance to have it all for a steel. Good Luck!!!



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