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2003 Porsche GT2 Enhanced to the 2009 Porsche Wicked-7 Mega Wide Body GT2-GTR
exterior color:Wicked Sunset Yellow
interior color:Black Suede with Yellow Stitching
number of cylinders:6-cyl
body type:Coupe
VIN number:696132
price:$179,999.00 SOLD

Today we unveil, yet another New creation by Wicked Motor Works Automotive Design Center. Our New "Wicked-7" GT2-RS for 2009.

This Exciting New Wicked-7 Wide Body Design is unlike any other. It is built on a 2003 Porsche GT2 Platform. First, we converted the 2003 Porsche 996 GT2 body to the 2008 Porsche 997 GT2 body (using Factory OEM Steel Panels. Second, we performed our traditional Wicked-7 Mega Wide Body, all in steel of course. Increasing the rear 997 GT2 quarter panels a whopping 7 inches wider then a factory 2008 997 GT2 body and increasing the front 2008 997 GT2 fenders by 4 inches wider. This process sets our Custom Porsches light speed ahead of any other custom Porsche Look. Third, we outfitted the front bumper with our new Wicked-708 Design Front Bumper. This unique New Design is the most spellbinding, and aggressive front bumper design for Porsches on the market today. It Features Wide Gapping openings that gives the most aggressive look ever designed for a Porsche as well as an increase in air flow to increase the cooling system located behind the bumper, for Style and Function. The bumper is accented with Full Carbon Fiber Inserts in all three front opening, giving the look of a sexy contrasting appearance with a high automotive fashion stance. The side opening allow for the release of arrow dynamic airflow to come in from the front and exist through the side of the bumper for style and function. The front LED Blinker lights are relocated and recessed to the inner rear of the left and right opening to give more of a aggressive haunting design. The top of the bumper features a GT2 and GT3 style air exit Vent. The bottom Valance is made of Matching Carbon Fiber, finishing the highly contrasted Carbon Fiber Look. Now for the rear bumper design, the inspiration for the design for the rear bumper of the Wicked-7 GT2-RS came from the Famous Porsche Carrera GT. This is easily the most aggressive rear bumper design that has ever been installed on a Porsche GT2. Since the rear Turbo Twin Intercoolers face the rear of the vehicle, and the stock rear bumper design has horizontal openings that face downward, we set out with the thought of designing a Shark Like Gill look for the rear Intercooler air exits that are vertically lined up to allow the exiting air to flow to the rear of the car as opposed to the floor, so to increase aerodynamics as well as a free flowing air outlet. Then we moved on to the rear of the bumper, and wanted to design a Carbon Fiber bottom Diffuser, however, since the vehicle sits so low, adding a diffuser to the existing rear bumper geometry was not aesthetically appealing as it sat too low (would easily scrape and damage in use) and it stuck out like a sore thumb, as seen in some aftermarket designs that certain tuners champion. Thus, we made the decision to relocate the exhaust Pipe exits higher up on the bumper and make room for an integrated Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser. This design produced a beautiful design while increasing the arrow Dynamic Airflow exiting from the rear undercarriage of the vehicle. To allow for exiting Heat produced by the Exhaust System, we outfitted the center of the rear bumper with Exposed Metal Mesh for maximum aspiration. We then Installed a Four Pipe Exhaust Tip System with Carrera GT Style Exhaust Tip Bezels. The Look and Function of this Newly Designed Wicked-708 Rear Bumper is just out of this world. We then Moved on to the Rear Engine Lid and Wing. We wanted to design a look that retained the 2008 GT2 Decklid however we wanted to give it a custom Wicked appeal. The rear Decklid Air Intakes for the engine Air Box is slightly slanted and angled on the factory 08 GT2, our design is horizontally leveled and upright to capture more gulps of air, the Wing is a Sharper more sleep design and the rear blade located at the rear of the wing is angled ten degrees upward for increased down force and is finished in Carbon Fiber to work in concert with all of the Carbon Fiber accents on the Ground Effects. The Rocker Panels are custom molded by Wicked in Steel. The Color we chose for this Masterpiece is a 3 Stage Pearl Yellow that changes tone and huge with changing light. The Wheels we chose were custom built for the car by Auto Couture. We wanted a Carbon Fiber outer Lip Look, a Satin Black Center with a matching Yellow Ring Stripe. The Wheels compliment the car perfectly. We also outfitted the car with oversized matching Yellow GT3 Wicked Brake Calipers, Coil-over Sustention. This Wicked-7 GT2-RS has 550HP (can be increased at additional cost), The interior is all Black Leather Hide with Matching Yellow Stitching Throughout the entire Interior and accented with Carbon Fiber trim. Only 11K Miles on this Masterpiece. You can purchase this vehicle or send us your Porsche to convert to this exact look. Best Wishes and Good Luck.

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