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2010 Porsche 998 Twin Turbo Wicked-7 Mega Wide Body Coupe (built on a 01 Turbo C
exterior color:Wicked Raven Black
interior color:Black Leather/Suede with Yellow Stitching
number of cylinders:6-cyl
body type:Coupe
VIN number:WP0AB299X1S687473

Lady's and Gentleman...Wicked Motor Works is proud to present one of the most Spellbinding Wicked-7 Steel Mega Wide Body Custom Porsche Wicked motor works has ever created.

This unit is our Newest 2010 Porsche 997.2 Twin Turbo Wicked-7 steel Mega Wide Body Model (built on a 2001 Twin Turbo). Only 24 Wicked-7 Steel Wide Body Porsches are built each year, and while most stock Porsches depreciate, Wicked-7 Porsches only go up in value. As they are so rare, and easily the most exquisite looking custom Porsches on the planet.


This unit is finished in our Wicked Raven Black, which gives the finish a wet mirror look. The vehicle has been converted to the, not yet revealed, 2010 Porsche 997.2 Twin Turbo, using factory OEM steel body panels. Wicked always strives to stay a year or two ahead of the industry.


The Massively draped steel Mega Wide Rear Quarter Panels completely transform the look of the Porsche to a true Exotic Super Car. The front Mega Wide Steel Fenders are made to keep the entire vehicle uniformed in shape. 


The rocker panels are also custom fabricated in steel. All the custom Steel paneling are cut and, shaped, welded and polished, all in our facilities, with great attention to detail.


After the updated year and model conversion to a 2010 997.2 Turbo is completed, we move on to outfit the Exotic Beauty with our own designed body enhancements. The rear of the vehicle is adorned with our Wicked-708 Rear Bumper, which is inspired by the Legendary Carrera GT. We designed a rear bumper that allows the high performance engine to breath more efficiently. We achieved this by deleting the center portion of the rear bumper behind the engine and replacing the panel with a metal screen mesh. We then set out to integrate a Carbon Fiber rear diffuser to the rear bumper for arrow dynamic flow of air exiting from underneath the vehicle. To archive this without obstruction, we moved the exhaust tips from below the rear of the vehicle to the center of the bumper and converted the exhaust system to a four barrel exhaust system as opposed to the stock two barrel. We give a lot of attention to detail, because that is what sets us apart from the rest. Thus we outfitted the four barrel exhaust tips with Carrera GT style Exhaust Bezels. Finally, we redesigned the intercooler exits located on either side of the rear bumper, to a rear exiting Shark Gill Style design. This was done to allow the rear exiting airflow from the rear intercoolers out and to the rear as opposed to out and down towards the ground. Again, this allows for better arrow dynamic airflow. The end result, is one of the most aggressive and stunning rear Bumpers on a Porsche that not only looks out of this world but actually functions to enhance the performance of the vehicle.
The front bumper features a very aggressive and demonic look. It has three wide gaping openings that lead to the three cooling radiator panels located behind each opening. Our design adorns the opening with Carbon Fiber Inserts and add an amazing and stunning contrast look against any color. The New Generation LED horizontal Blinker lights are recessed back inside the openings which give the front of the vehicle that haunting look. The bottom Valance is also designed in a matching Carbon Fiber look and compliments the carbon fiver inserts to all tie in together. We also designed the bumper with shark fin opening on the outer left and right sides of the front bumper to allow for the overflow of air pressure against the cooling system to escape like and air pressure value for function and the design ties in very well with the rear Bumpers Shark Gill openings. Finally the top of the front bumper is outfitted with a GT3 Style Air Escape Vent Grill to allow for the exist of the updraft air front the center radiator. Thus this bumper, apart from Looking amazing, allows for an increase of airflow to the vehicle's cooling system for high performance driving as well as allowing for an easy and free flowing exit airflow through it's exit openings.


The rear Trunk is inspired from the New Generation Porsche GT2 with air intakes located on both the left and right outer sides of the towers, but tilted slightly fifteen degrees forward to capture more air to flow to cool the engine. The Wing was designed by us to allow for a more clean streamlined and sharp edged look. The top of the wing is contoured upwards from front to back about eight degrees. The Wing Flaps are angled out from the rear about thirty degrees and cut shorter and sharper for increased arrow dynamic airflow. And finally the rear Wing Blade is designed in a Stunning Carbon Fiber, that is attached to the rear of the wing and angled slightly upwards about five degrees. The final product is a stunning looking decklid and wing with a greatly increased function of arrow dynamic airflow.


The rear taillights are Factory OEM LED New Generation Lamps, that are incorporated to the vehicle and the wiring conversion completed. The front Headlights are also updated to the New generation Lamps and the wiring conversion completed. As well as the LED blinker and clear marker lights.
This vehicle is also outfitted with GT2 Style Yellow Brake Calipers and thus we wanted to bring out and feature the contrasting yellow accent with the Wheels.


For the wheels of this masterpiece we went with our own Wicked-Mephisto Wheels, which are finished in Full Carbon Fiber Center and Carbon Fiber massive 7" Outer Lip with a matching Speed Yellow Ring Stripe. The rear Wheels are a massive 13-INCHES WIDE, by 20-INCHES tall and a 7-INCH outer LIP!!! You can only install Wheels this massive with a 7-INCH LIP on a Wicked-7 Porsche, no other custom Porsche can handle a Wheel this huge. The front Wheels are 9X20 with a 3" Lip. The Carbon Fiber finish with Speed Yellow Ring Stripe to enhance the yellow calipers and to contrast the liquid black color of the vehicle, just look out of this world.


The end result of this stunning custom built Wicked-7 Mega Wide Body is Spellbinding.
Now to the Interior...we at Wicked Motor Works do not build Porsches we build Wicked Porsches and we have a very affluent clientele with very high standards. Thus we do not set out to build a product, we set out to build an experience. Anyone can walk into a Porsche dealership and buy a Porsche. Well, you spend a reliantly substantial amount of money and pick up your new Porsche only to see 10 of them on the freeway on your way home. It will be novel at first but in a month or two it will just be another Porsche on the freeway. That is disappointing and by that time you probably lost tens of thousands of dollars on the depreciation value. That is not what we want for our clients. When a Wicked-7 Custom Porsche arrives to our client's homes, we want that love at first sight to last for as long as that client has that vehicle. We want that client to be proud to own and drive the unique vehicle that they purchased from us. The experience begins with the purchase or the order of a Wicked-7. Everything will be custom tailored to the client's desires like we're building you a custom suit. Then the day of the delivery of your Wicked-7 Porsche, almost as proud as the day you brought home your first Son. Then the experience of owning this masterpiece. This is why we do not stop at the exterior of the vehicle, the Wicked-7 experience has to flow through the vehicle and that includes the exterior, the interior, the drive train, the feel the sound, etc. We set out not to build a car but to feed all of your senses. Yes the exterior is stunning, but when you sit inside the vehicle, the interior must make you feel as excited as the exterior. Thus we add custom interior trim to each of out limited Wicked-7 Vehicles. For this vehicle we custom fitted the dash with Alcatera Black Suede to give the vehicle an exotic feel in the cockpit. We then converted the front seats to Sport Seats with Black Painted Hardback rear covers for a Sporty look as well as redesigned the look and pattern to the Newer generation style by adding new custom leather on the outer section of the seats and custom Alcatera Black Suede to the inside inserts and stitching them all together with matching Speed Yellow Stitching to achieve a custom and plush sporty new generation look and bringing out and complimenting the yellow accents on the exterior of the vehicle with the interior of the vehicle. To make the custom interior accents complete and uniform, we also recovered the Steering Wheel, airbag, shifter and hand brake with the matching Alcatera black suede and yellow stitching. And let's not forget our signature Wicked-7 Floor Mats that come in every Wicked-7 vehicle. The end result is a look and feel of a brand new custom feel vehicle that is as exhilarating to drive as it is to look at.


Now let's move to the drivetrain...this particular vehicle is outfitted with a 3.6L Twin Turbo Power plant engine that will blow the doors off of anything that even tries to get close to you. Featuring a 6-spd short shifter transmission, Factory Brembo Braking System. Some of the amenities include: Power Windows, Power Mirrors, Power ABS Brakes, Power Door Locks with keyless entry and factory alarm system. Factory Navigation System with CD, AM, FM Boss Stereo System, AC Climate Control Unit, Four Cockpit Airbags, Power Seats, Power Sunroof, Rear Fold down Seats and much Much More. This vehicle has a salvage title for a very minor accident with minimal damage (before pictures available for serious buyers only) Good Luck!!!

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