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2010 Porsche 997.2 Twin Turbo Wicked-7 Mega Wide Body Cabriolet (Green)
exterior color:GT3 Signal Green
interior color:Black Suede with Green Accents
number of cylinders:6
body type:Cabriolet

Here is another addition to the Wicked Motor Works family of Wicked-7 Steel Mega Wide Body Porsches. This Custom Commissioned beauty was built for a businessman that owns restaurants spanning the Mediterranean region and beyond. With our clients wishes in mind, we set out to build a very unique Wicked-7 Porsche.

First, we replaced all of the body panels on the Porsche Cabriolet with all new Generation 2011 Porsche Turbo Steel Body Panels. Then we cut and extend the turbo body panels to our Wicked-7 Mega Wide Body Specs, which are nearly eight inches wider then a stock turbo in the rear and nearly 4 inches wider then a stock turbo in the front. Once all of the steel shaping, body molding, welding and finishing has been completed, we move on to the body enhancements.

Our Wicked-7 Porsches come with Mega Wide Wheels which are about 14 inches wide in the rear with a 7 inch outer Lip. No other Exotic vehicle has wheels this wide or an outer wheel lip this massive. But the look compliments the equally massive and stunning Wide Body Panels. Because the wheels are so massive, we build the wide quarter panels and fenders to form the Mega Wide Wheels in the conversion process. In fact, the wheels are so massive that we relocate the front cooling system in order to accommodate them, among other modifications.

Each of our Wicked-7 Porsches are adorned with our exclusive Wicked-708 design body enhancements parts, which are only exclusively produced for our numbered Wicked-7 Porsches and are not available for sale. These parts consist of the Wicked-708 Design front Bumper, which is a haunting and demonic look with huge gaping intakes which are lined with Carbon Fiber Inserts which are an amazing contrast against the color of the vehicle as well as a arrow dynamic guide for airflow to the cooling system. The LED blinker lamps are recessed back into the intakes to give the entire bumper a aggressive look and stance. The lower valance is also made in Carbon Fiber to add to the Carbon Look. The ends of the front bumper have Shark fin like openings to accentuate the side profile of the bumper as well as allow for the air to flow in-through-and out of the bumper so as to reduce wind resistance as does the GT3 Style top vent.

The Rear Wicked-708 Bumper is probably one of the most aggressive and stunning rear bumpers on the market today. Our famous 4-Barrel Exhaust System is just out of this world. The bumper is designed to allow for maximum heat ventilation generated by the engine, exhaust System and Turbo's. That is why the bumper has a massive horizontal mesh designed opening in the center with the 4-Barrel Exhaust tips and Bezels coming out through the mesh. The Side Shark Gill design allows for the intercooler air to flow through and out to the rear of the vehicle for flow and arrow dynamics. Finally, the lower section of the bumper is adorned with a gorgeous Carbon Fiber diffuser which compliments the aggressive look of the vehicle beautifully and allows for the air flow to come out from under the vehicle and flow upwards.

The Wicked-708 Trunk and Wing is inspired by the new generation GT2, which has the side air intakes that flank the rear of the vehicle and allow for huge gulps of air to flow into the engine bay. The Wing is designed to have a sleeker and more streamlined flaps that are a bit longer to the front point and the entire Wing arch is opened up a bit wider for a very exotic look and allow for maximum down force. Finally, it is finished with a gorgeous rear Carbon Fiber Blade that is slightly tilted to aid in the down force. The final look and function is just breathtaking.
Of course all of the Wicked-7 Porsches are always up to date with the latest generation look and feel for we outfitted this Wicked-7 with the New 2011 Style LED taillights which are just out of this world. They completed change the entire look of the vehicle.

Finally, the client that commissioned us to build this custom Wicked-7 wanted to have his Wicked-7 in GT3 RS Signal Green. This is the only Wicked-7 in this color and what a color it is. The bright stunning color of this vehicle compliments the curves and lines of the vehicle just perfectly. And contrasted by the extensive Carbon Fiber throughout the body is makes this vehicle a masterpiece. The wheels were also ordered to match the color of the vehicle. These are the Classic Mesh Style Wicked Wheels, with a mat black center and matching GT3 RS Signal Green outer Lip.

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