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Company Background
Wicked Motor Works began nearly 10 year ago when Porsche introduced the 2001 Porsche 996 Turbo platform. The founder of Wicked Motor Works Koko Barsoumian, loved the Wide Body Turbo Porsche, Porsche produced for decades from the 70's into the 90's and he would buy then, restore them and enjoy driving, buying and selling them. When Porsche changed from air cooled vehicles to water cooled vehicles in the late 90's Koko felt that the nostalgic, historic heritage of Porsche was gone. The new 996 platform produced a very tame non-curvy vehicle, especially the Carrera. When the 996 Turbo was introduced in early 2001, it was a little wider but not very aggressive looking at all, in his opinion. So Koko embarked on bringing back the breathtaking Wide Body Turbo Porches he knew and loved for decades. First he did his research to bring together the people that were capable of producing his vision. He needed auto design engineers, fabricators, metal workers, painters, interior builders, mechanical engineers, mechanics, etc. Design and fabrication shops are very different from tuners and body shops. Tuners generally buy their products from other manufacturers then sell them to the public. Body shops generally repair, and paint, but if you ask them to metal fabricate a Turbo body on a Carrera body, very few will even attempt it and if they do, they will not think about all the details that are needed to make the project come out like factory. If you really want a custom vehicle, you have to go to a custom design and fabrication shop and they should have years of experience in dealing with a particular make and model of a vehicle. Thus, Wicked Motor Works. we began by designing and manufacturing body enhancement parts for Porsches, more aggressive bumper upgrades, More aesthetically pleasing Wings and spoilers, Body kits, etc. But what we were working on, early in the company's inspection was the Mega Wide Body Porsche Conversions. However, we weren't going to do it like everyone else in "Fiberglass" we set out to do it in Metal. Why? Because no matter what manufacturers and sellers of fiberglass body panels tell you, the fitment and most importantly, the longevity of a fiberglass body kit is very poor. There are several problems with a fiberglass body kit. The first is how porous fiberglass is and thus it contracts and expands to temperature as well as air and water being trapped inside the fiberglass. What this does is (a.) The expanding and contracting of the fiberglass causes fitment problems and can cause paint cracking. Second, the air bubbles and moisture trapped in the pours of the fiberglass can evaporate to the surface in extreme heat, causing the air or moisture to come up to the surface right under the paint and cause paint bubbles or paint reactions. Now if the parts you are using are only bumpers and tails, if the parts made well, meaning care is taken to not allow for hollow points in the fiberglass, or not to make the part too thin to cause waves or too thick making it too heavy, fiberglass bumpers and wings can be used if prepared properly. (a.) The fiberglass bumpers and wings must be heat cycled, either out in the hot sun for a few days, so the air and moisture can be allowed to evaporate as much possible (b.) and the parts must be prepare correctly with a sealer and or a non-poly primer so any remaining air or moisture will be trapped inside and not be allowed to rise to the surface under extreme heat. So even though there are cures for fiberglass problems as mentioned above, if treated properly, the last element posed the biggest problem for fiberglass body kits and they is bonding points. The final issue is attempting to bond one type of material to another type of material. This poses the killer problem with fiberglass body kits. When a fiberglass part is bonded to another fiberglass part, they will bond just fine. However, when fiberglass is bonded with metal, there in is the problem. Fiberglass will not "permanently" bond to metal. It will bond temporarily and look great, but with the vehicle moving, and the chassis, rolling, twisting, shaking, bouncing, etc. the bonding points will begin to stress crack from the inside out. What happens when the inside (under the paint) begins to stress crack? the remaining air and moisture now brake through the sealer and primer and are now allowed to break to the surface with the changes in the weather. What you end up with eventually is a pile of cracked junk that must all be removed, cleaned up and restored back to the metal stock body for it to be worth anything. Most of the time these piles of fiberglass junks end up on the web with a fresh coat of paint to hide the inevitable for a few months or a few years depending on how much it is driven and how long it is exposed to the extreme sunlight. We would have loved to do our body kits in fiberglass, it is cheaper, faster and a lot more profitable. However, we set out to be a company that lasts for decades and is Internationally known for building some of the most spectacular custom Porsches and Exotic Cars in the world. And this take one thing and one thing only, very hard work. Yes, like any other company, we also had many growing pains and many trials and errors, whoever tells you they did not is being less then truthful. But now rounding nearly 10 years, we are coming into our own and have a very good grasp on what we do best. We have build our famous "Steel" Mega Wide Body Porsches for individuals and companies that circle the globe and we are very proud of our accomplishments. We have made the covers of Major Exotic Car magazines and we continue to dominate the custom Porsche Body Industry. Our competitors pay for their ads to be inside magazines, but it's only Wicked that produces custom Porsches that are placed on the covers of those magazines for free. Who would you trust? Buy a Custom Built Wicked-7 Mega Wide Body Porsche from us, send us your own Porsche for a facelift or simply order your custom built Porsche exactly as you want to, made to order. Our Steel Mega Wide Body Porsches are the most spectacular custom Porsches on the market today, we challenge you to find a better looking design. We always get emails from admirers that tell us they have been watching our creations for many years and they have been saving for years and now they are ready to order a Wicked-7. We hope you enjoy our passion for creating these wonderful works of art. We wish everyone Health and Happiness!
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