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Design and Craftsmanship
At Wicked Motor Works our philosophy towards Design and Craftsmanship are 3 fold:
1.   Extraordinary Vehicles for Extraordinary Individuals.
Our clients are not ordinary people, in fact most of them are extraordinary people that have achieved a high level of success, both in business and in their personal lives. We at Wicked Motor Works understand the desire to be among the best in all aspects of our lives. Thus we set out to create a sports vehicle around these rare and unique attributes of a select few clientele. For the base vehicle we chose Porsche because in our opinion, Porsche is simply the best all around Sports Vehicle. We have said many times that we view a stock Porsche as a beautiful white canvas, because although the vehicle has spectacular structure and performance, the current models are too subtle aesthetically and lack the dramatic Wide Bodied shapes and curves of the past designs and that is what inspired our founder Koko Barsoumian to begin Wicked Motor Works, so that he may attempt to begin where Porsche left off and take the aesthetic design of the vehicles to places where a mass production company is restricted from going.

2.   Individually and Unique Style that sets us Apart from the Herd.
One comes to a point in their life where he or she has achieved a certain level of success and they want to reward themselves with something that makes them feel good and contributes to their spiritual wellness by giving them a sense of achievement, excellence and pride by getting into and driving one of the most excellent Sports vehicles ever built. Only to enter the highway and see that there are dozens of them all around and that they are not as unique as they thought. That is where Wicked Motor Works comes in...We will build a custom tailored uniquely designed Porsche to fit the exact specifications of each of our individual clients like a fine custom tailored suit in all aspects of the vehicle. When you place a stock Porsche Turbo and a Wicked-7 Porsche Turbo side by side, the Wicked-7 Porsche will make the stock Porsche look like a Miata. Don't take our word for it, try it and see.

3.   Our Goal is to feed all of your 5 senses
When we set out to build the Wicked-7 Mega Wide Body Porsches, we did not just want to build an athletically beautiful vehicle but we wanted to build an experience for the senses. Visually the exterior of the vehicle will speak to you and it's sexy wide bodied curves will leave you truly spellbound. However, we also wanted the individual to retain that nostalgic feeling when he or she is inside the vehicle, thus we also set out to customize the interior of the vehicle in lavish materials like soft lamb leather, plush suede, stunning Carbon Fiber, color matched stitching and contrasts throughout the interior, so when one touches or feels the breathtaking materials it feels as good as it looks to the touch. We still wanted to offer the new car smell and with the Interior and exterior both being new we can achieve this. We also offer an entertainment system that will complete the euphoric feel to your senses by leaving you in a cloud of symphonic sounds that will surround you as you drive down the coast with the cool breeze on your skin and the salty taste of the sea on your lips.
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