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Porsche 996 to New Generation 997 STEEL Conversion Kit
manufacturer:Wicked Motor Works

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Update your Outdated Porsche 996 Look to the Newest Generation Porsche 997 Look  (IN STEEL!!!)
It will give your Porsche a facelift from the outdated look to the Most Current very exotic Spellbinding look.
Wicked Motor Works
constantly strives to bring you the Newest Most Recent Generation Porsche Body Enchainment Products.
Wicked Motor Works...a Brand you can trust in the Porsche Custom Design Body Enhancements Industry
Here we have the Newest 2010 Porsche 997 Steel Conversion Body Enhancement Kit.
About our Steel 996 to 997 Conversion Update Kit:
Here is what the Kit Includes:
1. One Pair of Factory OEM Porsche 997 Steel Fenders, which have been modified by Wicked Motor Works to fit your 996 Porsche. (Includes 997 gas door and gas door hardware)
2. One set of 996 to 997 Steel Conversion Rails (Includes instructions and hardware)
3. A Brand New Factory OEM Aluminum 997 Hood (Includes 997 Hood Hinges and hardware)
4. The kit also includes one single front bumper cover. You have your choice of one bumper covers from a (997 Carrera look, 997 Turbo look, 997 GT2 Look, 997 GT3 Look) Only one single bumper cover is included in this ebay ad, no other parts that may be needed for the bumper cover, such as lights, grills, etc.
Our kit includes the above items 1 - 4 nothing less and nothing more.
Our Steel 996 to 997 Conversion kit fits like factory, after all, most of the parts are OEM Factory Porsche Parts.
This application will fit the following Porsches
1999-2005 Porsche 996 Carrera, Turbo, GT2, GT3, Targa, C2, C4, C4S
1997-2004 Porsche Boxster
When dealing with structural body panel on a vehicle, it is best to use metal panels for strength, quality and alignment of body panels with no defects. You will find, most high end quality custom fabricators use metal whenever possible. However, there are those back yard fiberglass guys on ebay that will always sell fiberjunk for a cheap price. And here is the problem with using fiberglass on sectioned body panels...Front Fenders are attached to the vehicle in 3 separate areas. 1. The fender screws under the hood, 2. the Fender screws in the door jam and 3. the bracket to the front bumper. The problem with this is, as the vehicle moves, body rolls, goes over bumper, etc. it causes friction and tension that has to release, because the fender is being pulled from three different points. Thus what happens as a result are hair stress cracks that allow air to enter the fiberglass. Then the sun bakes the paint and material under the paint causing the cracks to break through the paint and causing the air in the cracks to lift the moisture through the paint and cause paint defects, cracks and bubbles. You get what you pay for. Depending on the preparation before painting and the environmental climate the vehicle is exposed to, the cracking and defects will come through from 2 months to 8 months. Bumpers and Wings are fine in Fiberglass as they have no pull and stress at multiple points however body panels like fenders do move and roll will the chassis.

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