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2016 Porsche 991 GT3RS Complete Body Conversion Kit for all 2012-2016 Porsche Ca

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Wicked Motor Works, again and again, is ALWAYS the very first in our industry, to spearhead all new Porsche Body Conversion, Updates and Body Enhancement kits.

And once again, we are very excited to offer the New and out of this world 2016 Porsche 991 GT3RS Body Conversion Kit. Transform your everyday, mainstream, stock looking 991 Porsche to the Super car it deserve to be.

Here is what our kit includes:

1. Front GT3RS style Bumper cover with lower valance

2. Front 991 GT3RS style Fenders, with fender grills

3. Front 991 GT3RS style Hood

4. Rear 991 GT3RS style Quarter panels with intake bezels

5. Rear 991 GT3RS style Bumper cover with lower valance (center exhaust or Carrera exhaust openings)

6. Rear 991 GT3RS style Trunk with Spoiler wing

* The top 6 items is what the kit comes with, if an item is not specifically listed above, then it is NOT included in the kit. Please do not assume parts are included if they are not listed above.

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