Porsche 991.2 GT2RS style Trunk and Carbon Wing Spoiler unit



2018 Porsche 991.2 GT2RS style Trunk & Carbon Fiber Spoiler Wing unit assembly.

Fits: 2014 to 2019 Porsche 991 and 991.2 Turbo Coupes

Fits: 2012 to 2019 Porsche 991 and 991.2 Carrera Coupes

Here is what is included:

Trunk base

Trunk base 3-piece OEM mesh screen

Trunk base hinges

Trunk base shocks

Trunk base latch striker

Trunk base dual adjustment tensioners

Trunk Carbon Fiber dual air intake unit

Dual air intake unit ducts

Dual air intake unit mesh screens

Dual air intake engine fan mesh screen

Dual air intake unit Porsche logo

Dual air intake unit third brake light

Dual air intake unit mounting hardware

Dual OEM Black or aluminum wing upright legs

Dual OEM upright leg mounting hardware

Carbon Fiber Wing Spoiler

OEM Carbon Fiber wing spoiler Porsche decal

Dual Wing spoiler end caps

Mounting trunk latch plate

Engine dual fan relocation frame

Engine dual fan mesh bezels with mesh screen

Latch plate dual air intake ducts

Air box dual air intake ducts