911 Carrera, 911 GT3, 911 GT3 RS, 911 Turbo, 997, Fenders, Fenders, Fenders, Fenders991 GT3RS Style Louvered Front Fenders for 997 Turbo and 997 Carrera application

991 GT3RS Style Louvered Front Fenders for 997 Turbo and 997 Carrera application



Wicked Motor Works, is the ONLY Porsche aftermarket company, that offers the New 2016 Porsche 991 GT3RS style Front Fenders with the Iconic Louvered Fender Grills for the 997 Turbo and 997 Carrera application.
These Stunningly aggressive and aerodynamic functional fenders, normally only come on the New 2016 Porsche GT3RS. However, Wicked Motor Works, offers them for all of the 991 & 997 Porsche Cars.
Apart from the $25,000.00 price tag, the Original OEM 991 GT3RS fenders are wider then 997 Carrera, 997 Turbo and 997 GT3 Fenders. So, they will not fit, unless you change your front bumper, to a wider front bumper to match the fenders, and wider front wheels, to match the fender edge and offset.
However, Wicked Motor Works, makes the GT3RS style fenders, to match 997 Carrera, 997 Turbo and 997 GT3, front bumper, so that you do not need to change your bumper, they are a direct bolt on.
However, for those who do want to change your front bumper and front wheels to a wider stance, we also offer the direct factory spec fenders as well. So either way, Wicked Motor Works, has got you covered.
There is nothing Wicked Motor Works can’t do for your Porsche, from custom commissioned requests, to bringing you the latest and greatest looks Porsche and the custom Porsche market has to offer. If you don’t see it here, just ask us and we’ll get it or make it for you.
Here is what is included in this auction, nothing more and nothing less, what you see in these photos are for reference purposes only.
1. You get one pair of 997 GT3RS style bare fenders for either a 997 Carrera, 997 Turbo (S), or 997 GT3
2. You get one pair of  GT3RS OEM Factory outer grills
* You get nothing more then these 2 items, nothing else is included that you see in the photos, they are for reference only.
* Your headlight trays and headlights will transfer over.
* The fenders come primered, you will need to test fit them, prepare them, paint them, polish them and install them.
All Wicked Motor Works products, are manufactured in the USA