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Porsche 992 GT3 Wing spoiler



Here we offer the new Porsche 992 GT3 styling Wing spoiler. It features a completely new innovative design. The factory OEM upright legs, mount to the spoiler from the top, unlike the traditional bottom mount. This new unprecedented unique style design sets a new standard, that is sure to be followed by other auto manufacturers. This new styling is designed to increase aerodynamic down force, while at the same time, diminishing, air drag. It’s not only functionally superior, but the unique styling gives your Porsche vehicle a very aggressive look and stance.


We offer this product in, paintable composite, as offered in this listing for $9,999.00 plus shipping. Including all the necessary OEM factory attachments for mounting. And we do offer this product in matte or gloss, exposed carbon fiber, in other listings, for $14,999.90


Model fitment:

This application fits all Porsche 992 generation 911 coupe vehicles.



This product is made of the highest composite for light weight application, factory fit and finish, as well as longevity. USA made.

Wicked Motor Works is a brand you have grown to trust, in the Porsche industry for over 20 years, because it is a company who has stood the test of time, due to quality of American made aftermarket Porsche Parts and impeccable customer service. All of our products are manufactured in the USA, with the highest quality, the most advanced Industry technology allows, and constantly striving to improve. Our competitors are often much cheaper, but their inferior Chinese manufactured parts will fit poorly, and devalue the look and function of your Porsche. We can show you photos of our products, fit and finished, on our in house and client vehicles, where you’ll see the fit and finish, is as factory. Our competitors will either show you factory photos from the internet, or angles, that hide the defects in their products. Always remember where the term, you get what you pay for, has been around ever since products have. Trust Wicked Motor Works, with your Porsche.


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