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Porsche 996 to 991 Rear Update Conversion kit with New 991 LED Taillights



What is the 996 to 991 Rear end conversion kit?
Update your old outdated 996 Carrera to the newest 2014 Porsche 991 Carrera Look with our Newest 996 to 991 rear end facelift conversion kit. You won’t believe your eyes, you won’t be able to tell the difference from your old 1999-2004 Porsche Carrera,  to the newest and latest, most modern looking Porsche Generation, the new 991 Generation with the new 991 LED Taillights. Why change your car, when you can just give it a nip tuck, with a rear Face Lift?
For our International Customers, why pay the hefty taxes for buyer a newer year or newer model Porsche, when you can just simply make your more affordable model look like a Brand new 2014 Generation 991 Porsche with the New 991 LED Taillights and save thousands in taxes.
Why buy from Wicked Motor Works?
Bebause nobody else in the World, makes a 996 to 991 Rear Conversion kit, we are the only ones and we are the best at Porsche custom Updates, conversions and body fabrication.
What comes with this kit?
1. Our Custom Steel 991 LED Taillight metal converison brackets (Pair)
2. A pair of 991 OEM Factory LED Taillights
3. Our custom Porsche 991 Carrera Style rear Bumper cover
4. 991 LED Taillight Conversion plugs
(Nothing more & Nothing Less)