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Porsche 997 and 996 Rear Window Turbo and Carrera Wing Spoiler



 Wicked Motor Works is proud to announce a new Porsche Rear Window Wing Spoiler to it’s long line of Porsche Body Enhancement products which we are famous for.

Why Buy from Wicked Motor Works?

Well, we don’t just sell Porsche body enhancement parts, we are in the business of building some of the most famous custom Porsches that span the Glob, so we actually test out and use our body enhancement products on the custom Porsches we build so we know exactly how they look, fit and last. Most backyard body kit sellers just make cheap products that don’t fit right because they don’t have access to a vast number of the latest Porsches vehicles, so they never install their parts on actual cars to test for fitment, they sell cheap parts that never fit correctly. Buy from the best in the business and rest assured that the products you buy from Wicked Motor Works will not only look amazing as we constantly strive to design and produce the latest Porsche body updated looks, but we are very particular about fitment, weight and longevity. You can find this part cheaper with out competitors, however they do not follow the countour of the glass and make it straight across and what happens over time is that the corners lift up and pull apart the adhesive. Ours was designed along with the curved contour of the glass so it not only fits like a glove but there is not stress of the corners lifting up. You get what you pay for.

Information on the Item:

The Item offered for sale here is a Porsche Rear Window Wing Spoiler. It is mounted at the very top of the rear window, right behind the roof line. It gives a great accentuation to the overall look of the vehicle, giving it a very custom and aggressive appearance. Most of the producers of this particular item have problems with fitment because this item is to be produced in a horizontal arch. Most backyard fiberglass shops produce the item in a straight line, because they do not have the necessary tools or experience to fabricate the item with respect to the curvature and couture required for a good fitment. So both edges of the product will eventually begin to pop up off the glass after its exposed to direct sunlight do to the tension produced by the horizontal arch in the rear glass. However, Wicked Motor Works will not produce a product unless they can perfect the fitment. Our product will go on and fit perfectly.

Vehicle application:

This item will fit all Porsche 996 Carreras, 996 Turbos, 996 GT2, 996 GT3 and all 997 Carrera, 997 Turbo, 997 GT2, and 997 GT3 Coupe Cars


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