911 Turbo, 997, Exterior Carbon Fiber Enhancements, WingsPorsche 997 Twin Turbo Wicked Bi-Wing with Carbon Fiber GT2 Blade

Porsche 997 Twin Turbo Wicked Bi-Wing with Carbon Fiber GT2 Blade



We do not offer a product for sale unless it is the best on the market.

The Best Design:

Very Sleek, Aggressive, studding lines and contours, with the only Carbon Fiber rear Blade design

The Best Function:

Very arrow dynamic and streamlined lines for air to flow over the roof and right over the Wing


Using the same mounting parts as the factory for a perfect installation and fit in minutes


Simply raise your exiting OEM stock Wing, use the tool to remove your existing wing, then simply install the Wicked Bi-Wing with GT2 Carbon Fiber Blade right in it’s place the same exact way as the stock wing. Perfect because you can always interchange it if you like.


We only use the best quality materials as we don’t just make parts and sell them, we first use them on our own custom Porsches that we are world famous for making, before we offer them for sale to our clients. That way, we know they will be satisfied with our products as we are.