Porsche Wicked GT3 RS Rear bumper and OEM attachments



(Application: 2012-2019 Porsche 991 & 991.2 Carrera & Turbo)

Ultra Aggressive, design rear bumper. Featuring, OEM exhaust tip & bezels, as well reflectors, lower diffuser with mesh screens and retaining frames.

For 991.2 turbo applications, the existing .2 taillights can be transplanted over to our GT3 RS rear bumper, however, for 991.1 taillights, you can take the opportunity to also upgrade your taillights from .1 to the more current .2 models, as the .1 taillights, will not fit in this bumper

This bumper is available in two exhaust pipe exit applications. It is available with a standard left and right Carrera or Turbo style exhaust tip opening exists, and a second application, for those who do want to convert their exhaust pipe exits, to a center exhaust style