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Porsche Gemballa and Carrera GT Style Ultra Aggressive Rear Bumper Upgrade


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Our company goal is to provide the very latest Designs for those individuals that would like to stand out from the crowd and personalize their Porsche to their own style and personality. We transform ordinary to Extraordinary.
What is Included:
Here we have a very aggressive rear bumper, this bumper is modeled after the famous Porsche Carrera GT where the Gemballa Avalanche rear bumper was inspired from. This rear bumper is a two piece bumper, that comes with the bumper cover, which has the left & right side opening for the Turbo Intercooler air exit. The second piece is the lower diffuser. The diffuser can be ordered in a paintable part, or in Carbon Fiber. The Carbon Fiber diffuser can also be ordered in a mat or a glossy finish. The center bumper mesh screen with steel frame is also included, as well as the Carrera GT style Exhaust Bezels and the Quad Tip Exhaust Tips. The exhaust tips can be ordered in Chrome or in a Mat Black. This is a complete rear bumper package, including everything herein.
This rear bumper is designed for Porsche 997 Turbo & 997 C4S as well as 997 C4S Targa
This bumper can also be used to upgrade your early 997.1 (2005-2008) to the late 997.2 (2009-2011) Style rear bumper to upgrade to the new LED Taillights.
* We also offer this bumper for regular Carrera 2 or Carrera 4 Porsche 997’s as well as all 996 Turbo and Carerra
* This bumper is a Stunning upgrade to your Porsche and will completely transform your ordinary Porsche to a Exotic Aggressive Power House. You will fall in love with your Porsche all over again. Order it today.


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